There are days when coaching feels like nothing less than shepherding. There you are standing at full stretch, holding the gate open with one hand and the shepherd’s staff in the other, gently waving your arms about so that the sheep enters the safety of the pen. One false move and you scare her away. Lovingly coaxing, you softly draw her in, throw the gate closed behind her and then watch and enjoy as she relaxes, grazes, protected, loved and in the safest possible place.  On those days you close your session and feel as though you know what Moses must have felt coming down the mountain. Surely your face is glowing, that’s how close you were to God’s loving presence and His guiding hand. Somehow, mysteriously, He uses you to mediate, to guide, to coax and facilitate His meeting with His sheep. I love my job. It is such a privilege to see people become who they were meant to be –  step by step, piece by piece and loved by Him.

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